Why does camp cost what it does?

Hello camp families and supporters,

I sometimes get asked how we come up with the price for a week of camp and why we charge what we do. I would like to provide you with the answer to those questions.

You may be surprised to hear that the each camp registration is heavily subsidized by the generous donors of Bear Lake Bible Camp. For a week of overnight camp we only charge about 60% of our actual costs. We do this because we want to ensure that every family can afford to send their children for a fun and safe week at camp in which they can learn about Jesus and have an opportunity to grow in their relationship with Him.

The following chart provides a breakdown of our actual costs per child for a week of overnight camp:

Wages                                      $250

Admin Fees and Insurance   $90

Program Fees                         $50

Food                                         $80

Facilities                                  $80

Total                                         $550*

On average we charge $330 for a week of overnight camp where in reality our true cost per camper is $550. Let me be clear, we as a camp are comfortable with that reality and we are happy to be able to keep camp as affordable as possible. If you would like to join our support team in order to help us to continue to make camp affordable please follow this link.

We also realize that our subsidized rates may be too expensive for some families due to any number of circumstances. For these families we do offer a sponsorship program. Applications for the sponsorship program can be requested by calling the camp office, (780)-567-2293, or by email

*The numbers above only account for expenditures that apply directly to the camper's week at camp.