Leadership Training Program

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The leadership training programs are an experience unlike our traditional camps. Join us, as you assist the camp in chores, take part in outdoor work with your friends, and enjoy awesome activities the crew SALT and LITE leaders specifically plan for you. These programs serve as an opportunity for Christian teens to push themselves further in their faith, while enjoying the summer fun of camp in a unique way. 

This summer Bear Lake Bible Camp is shifting the Leadership Training Program to a two tiered program. The first tier is SALT (Servant and Leadership Training) and the second tier is LITE (Leader in Training Experience). Both SALT and LITE are three week programs; each will be offered twice each summer (July 7-26 and August 4-23). These programs are intended to be completed over the course of 2 summers. Upon the completion of the LITE program the participant can apply to serve as a Jr Cabin Leader. Prospective SALT and LITE participants will be required to apply for a position in the program rather than simply register due to a change in policy (see below for the application link). 

Reason for the change:

  • To increase the amount of training a program participant receives
  • To create more opportunities for young people to serve at camp  

SALT: Ages 14+ 

LITE: Ages 15+

These three week programs allow you to taste what serving at camp is all about. It also serves as a great alternative if you have out grown typical camp, or are looking for something that pushes you in your faith. 

This Season's Dates for Leadership Training:

July 7-26

August 4-23